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​Supporting People in Pain Webinars

These free webinar recordings provide help and credible information for people living with pain and their families. CIRPD hosts and records these webinars in collaboration with community partners with partial funding by the Province of BC through the Community Gaming Grants.

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Gillian Lauder, MB BCh, FRCA, FRCPC, CPE.-Pediatric Anesthesiologist, BC Children's Hospital
Dr. Lauder will discuss current research into some of the current factors that are changing the way pediatric pain is treated and discussed.
Nora Spinks-CEO, Vanier Institute of Family
Ms. Spinks will discuss how organizations are responding in order to keep their employees productive at work and engaged while they fulfill their caregiving responsibilities at home.
Jordan Miller, PhD-Registered Physiotherapist
Dr. Miller discusses current research on self-management practices which use pain science and exercise.
December, 2015
Jennifer Stinson, RN-EC, PhD, CPNP-Senior Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences, The Hospital for Sick Children
In this webinar, Dr. Stinson will provide examples of web and smartphone based applications for the assessment and management of chronic pain in children and discuss future avenues for research.
May, 2015
Katherine Harman, PhD-Associate Professor, Dalhousie University
Dr. Katherine Harman examines exercise adherence with a focus on three things that can affect the extent to which a patient will engage in an exercise program.
April, 2015
Wesley Buch Ph.D., R. Psych-Clinical & Rehabilitation Psychology, Behavioural Health Care
This webinar teaches helpful & practical ways of riding the emotional roller-coaster of chronic pain.
December, 2014
Ken Craig, PhD-Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia
Psychologist Ken Craig discusses how health professionals can understand other's experience of pain.
August, 2014
Susan Holtzman, R Psych-Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia
Dr. Holtzman provides tips and resources that can help family members of people in pain care for themselves as well as their loved one.
July, 2014
Dr. Sue Bennett and Dr. Erin Moon-Medical Psychology at BC Children’s Hospital
Drs. Moon and Bennett will provide guidelines aimed to help parents assist their child or teen in living a healthy life.
June, 2014
Romayne Gallagher PhD-Palliative Care Physician, St. Paul's Hospital
Dr. Gallagher will draw on her 13 years of experience in palliative care to share with us how pain affects older adults with and without cognitive impairments.
March, 2013
Ingrid Fedoroff Ph.D., R.Psych.-Clinical Psychologist, Complex Pain Centre, St. Paul's Hospital
This webinar will look at important ways that pain and psychology are connected and some valuable tools that can help people manage their pain.
February, 2012
Patrick McGowan, PhD-Associate Professor, Centre of Aging, University of Victoria
Dr. Patrick McGowan will review the concept of self-management and how peer-led self-management programs are implemented in communities.
February 2012
Catherine Bushnell, PhD-Scientific Director, Division of Intramural Research, Senior Investigator, Pain and Integrative Neuroscience Branch (PAIN), NCCIH
Dr. Catherine Bushnell will talk about how psychological factors have an important influence on pain perception.

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