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The Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability (CIRPD) is a federally incorporated not-for-profit charitable organization founded in 1986, dedicated to the prevention and reduction of pain, pain-related suffering, and disability.

Its current objectives (renewed in 2014) are to improve public health by

  • identifying high priority needs of multiple stakeholders to more effectively prevent, reduce, and mitigate the effects of chronic pain, suffering, functional impairment, and work disability due to injuries and chronic health conditions that may impact quality of life and full participation in society
  • supporting and sustaining safe, psychologically healthy, accommodating, and productive workplaces
  • funding, conducting, translating, developing, and disseminating high quality research, reports, guidelines, implementation tools, methods, educational resources, programs, and services to government, public and private-sectors, professional, consumer, business and labour organizations, and the general public.

There is a wealth of high quality research on chronic pain. However, there is typically a ten year gap between what is known from the research and what is done in policy, training, practice and public education. A primary goal of CIRPD is to reduce this gap and to facilitate the translation of current research into practical information to support its rapid mobilization.


For People In Pain and their Support Network

One in five Canadians suffer from chronic pain. There is an urgent need for creating more efficient ways to communicate new knowledge and translate this knowledge into practical resources relevant to sufferers and their support network, health professionals and policy-makers. Millions of lives could be improved by reducing the gap between high quality research and practice and by rapidly applying this knowledge across different stakeholders. The translation and implementation of high quality research findings into training, policy, practice and public education is a primary objective of CIRPD.

Health and Work Productivity

Workers, employers and society face significant burdens associated with work absence, prolonged disability and less than optimal work productivity. Research has found that factors contributing to the risk of disability, prolonged absence and low productivity are rarely attributable to bio-medical factors alone. Risk factors contributing to prolonged unnecessary disability are also factors contributing to poor productivity. These factors may include leadership quality, supervisory/ management knowledge and skills, organizational and policy issues, workplace culture, benefit and compensation issues, occupational health and safety concerns, labour management relations, etc.  The Health and Work Productivity Web-Portal is an academic community partnership program to support a more research (evidence-based) approach to creating safe, healthy, productive and accommodating workplaces.

If you are interesting in learning more about The Health and Work Productivity Web-Portal and how you can participate in this project please contact us using our Contact Form

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